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Meade 8 " acf

TS 60/228 guide scope achromaat

Astrotech 80/550 mm  ED Apo

Below the equipment I use currently .

Atik 314 L mono camera
Canon 550D

DMK AF 21 fire wire cam
GPUSB guider interface

Losmandy GM8  mount  2X

Baader LRGB filters 1.25 "
Baader  H alpha 7 nm 1.25 "
astronomik OIII  8 nm 1.25 "
IDAS LPF filter 2"
Baader IR pass 685 nm 1.25
Wratten filter 47 1.25 filter

TS 0.8x flatt./reducer voor 80 ED
orion shortyplus 2x

Manueel filterwheel  5x 1.25
Moonlite motor focus for SCT

Astro products guidescope rings

Serveral eyepieces

hitecastro dewcontroler 2x
dewheater 8 inch
dewheater 4 inch
dewheater 3.5 inch
astrozap  8 inch dewshield

Stabelized power supply 10-12 A