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Celestron  C9.25
Celestron  C8  (2x)
Celestron  C6
Celestron  C6  F5.6

Meade 8 " acf

Skywatcher 80 mm maksutov
Skywatcher 90 mm Maksutov
Skywatcher 102 mm maksutov
Skywatcher 127 mm Maksutov

Intes 150 mm maksutov
STF de luxe 18/1800 mm Maksutov

Lidl 70/7010  achromaat
Meade ETX 70 mm
Skywatcher 80/500 mm achromaat
Robtics 90/550 guide scope achromaat
Williams optics megrez II 80 mm ED triplet
Williams zenithstar 66 mm ED
Williams optics megrez 72 mm
Astrotech 66/420 mm ED apo
Astrotech 80/550 mm  ED Apo
Astrotech 80/550 triplet ED
skywatcher 80/550 ED Apo
Skywatcher 120/900 ED Apo
Vixen 115 S ED
TV NP 101is petzval

Orion 130 mm photo newton F 4
TS 130 photo newton
Skywatcher 130 photo newton

Below the equipment which I've used in recent years. (2005 - 2009)

To U cam camera
Atik 1 HS camera
Atik 16 HR mono camera
Artemis mono camera
Canon 350 D
Canon 450 D
Canon 550D
Canon 5D mark II

DMK AF 21 fire wire cam
GPUSB guider interface

Meade LXD 55 mount
Skywatcher EQ5 mount
Losmandy GM8  mount  2X
Losmandy G11 (made bij Celestron)

Truetech LRGB filters 1.25 "
Astronomik LRGB filters 1.25"
Astronomik LRGB filters 2"
Baader  H alpha 12 nm 1.25 "
Baader H alpha 7 nm 2"
Baader OIII  8 nm 2 "
Baader SII 8 nm 2"
IDAS LPF filters

TV 0.8 reducer/ Flattener
TS flat II flattener

TV powermate 4x
orion shortyplus 2x

Manual Atik filterwheel  5x 1.25
Manual filterwheel for 5x 2"
Moonlite motor focus for SCT

Neumann filterlade
ADM site by site plate
Astro products guidescope rings

Serveral eyepieces